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The Lithuanian Innovation and Technology Instituteis the non-state scientific research institute implementing applied research, specialising in scientific management, fostering scientific and business cooperation, providing services in projects’ management, organising scientific events and facilitating development of clusters and networks.

Activities of the Institute:

  • Conducting of scientific research
    The Institute participates in projects and research programmes in cooperation with the EU and other foreign scientific institutions. It also performs applied research in the area of IT, knowledge economy, social innovation, financial innovation, creative industries development, management of processes management.
  • Development of Science - Business - Public Sector (Triple Helix) Partnerships
    The Institute prepares the public policy for the knowledge economy as well as social innovation conceptual and methodological framework, develops applied research, helps public institutions to shape public policy in the area of information technology, knowledge management, innovation and creative industries.
  • Consulting in forming the knowledge economy policy in Lithuania – advice to the Seimas, the Lithuanian Government, local authorities and other public sector institutions
    The Institute provides a methodological, methodical and other assistance, suggestions, and independent assessments of public institutions, social groups, and others involved in the development of national knowledge economy, economy and society development strategies.
  • Formation of public opinion and competence on the knowledge economy issues
    The Institute collects, analyzes and delivers to the public and professionals the information and experience related to the knowledge economy creation, social innovation, financial innovation, business process management, technology application issues.
  • Organizing trainings and conferences
    The Institute organizes conferences, seminars and training courses in the area of information technology, knowledge economy, creative society, social innovation and technology usage.
  • Publishing activities
  • Cluster development and coordination
  • The investment attraction for the research and technology development